QHHT was developed and perfected by Dolores Cannon. The method perfected the hypnosis process and was named Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique. This process allows an individual to achieve a deep level of relaxation. In fact, it is the deepest level possible for humans. It is known as the Somnambulistic level of hypnosis.

This state of hypnosis is experienced only twice a day before a person wakes up and before a person falls asleep. The majority of hypnotherapists do not work on this level, usually for two reasons. Either they do not have the ability to access this trance level, or they are uncertain if they are willing to work on the most difficult level of trance. The Somnambulistic level of trance can produce results that are unexpected, including making the person recall a future life.

It was only because of Delores Cannon’s fearlessness and curiosity regarding the unknown and unexplored that has made her the pioneer of past life regression. Her legacy continues to pave the way not only for QHHT practitioners but also their clients.

Delores Cannon began researching this sacred knowledge and reincarnation more than five decades ago. As she fine tuned her QHHT method of hypnosis, she was able to create a plan that is both efficient and safe. It can bypass the noise located in the conscious mind and solely focuses on obtaining information from the Somnambulistic level. For example, Dolores Cannon learned that time travel could occur at any possible time or place for anyone to relive their past lives.

QHHT In A Nutshell

QHHT is a safe and integrated process for regression that allows you to go into the very deepest layer of consciousness. It is there you will find appropriate, robust and compassionate support as well as an understanding of the obstacles you have faced in life. However, one of the most surreal things about this process is that your true self will always be in control.

How Does It Work?

It is safe to say that our minds stay very busy throughout the day, and at night as well. We worry, plan, create, remember and make decisions while we are conscious. As a result, the thoughts that are running through our heads constantly can be challenging to slow down, and almost impossible to control.

With its ability to take us to a deep level of relaxation, the conscious mind can be induced into a quiet state. The state of relaxation results in us being able to reach an excellent peaceful state. During this state of peace, the deeper levels of our consciousness, or our Higher Self, can come forward. The Higher Self-brings wisdom and also insight. There is only the absence of worry, judgments, anxieties, and fears that we experience during our conscious state.

Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique will allow you to connect you both deeper wisdom and give you access to abilities and qualities to any questions or challenges you have in life.

Understanding The Higher Self

The Higher Self is the part of humans that knows all. It is the level of the mind that is much deeper than the subconscious that is dealt with by psychologists and hypnotherapists. However, it is not the repository of the brain that holds difficulties and problems. Instead, the Higher Self is a vast resource of wisdom and insight that can bring purpose, meaning, and fulfillment to your life.

Your Higher Self can provide you with an answer to any question you may have. It already knows everything possible about you and your current life. Getting this information for you on your behalf is essential to the healing part of this technique that has made it so famous. You are given the comfort, understanding, and support for different parts of your life.

It is important to note that the Higher Self will only provide you with information that will be beneficial and appropriate at that particular time.

During this time, if it is necessary, the Higher Self will provide emotional and physical healing also. The timing can occur instantly, or the healing aspect of the process can keeping works weeks or even months after your QHHT session.

Is It Safe?

This is a completely safe, noninvasive process where YOU remain in control at all times. Unfortunately, there are some myths surrounding hypnosis, and one of these myths is that a person who is under hypnosis may do something against their will or reveal private information. These are scenarios that are primarily seen in movies and read about in books and are only fabrications used for entertainment purposes. The reality is that this trance state seems more like a very vivid daydream, a fantasy where you are in control.

Hypnosis was approved by the AMA (American Medical Association) in 1958 as safe and gentle. It is noninvasive and does not produce side effects.

An interesting fact is that most people undergo some form of hypnosis every day and they are not aware of it. Have you ever felt as though you were in a trance while watching television or reading a book? If so, you were a type of hypnotic state that could be characterized just by the focused attention you had at the time.

Understanding Past Life Regression

Past Life Regression is considered the first aspect of QHHT. It involves an individual being regressed and guided a particular appropriate past life. It is always the Higher Self that decides which past life should be shown to the person. The QHHT practitioner directly guides the individual through the particular segments of the life that are deemed essential. However, the past life that is chosen is always relevant to the current life.

Some individuals may visit more than one past life during a single session.

What Will You Remember?

Some may remember some things about the session, but few remember the entire experience. Most practitioners provide clients with an audio of the meeting so they can listen to it later at their convenience. Reviewing the process is just as important as experiencing it because it is possible to gain additional knowledge and insight.

QHHT can help you discover abilities and gifts you previous had, so you use them to your benefit in your current life. Approach your session with an open mind, curiosity and no expectations. The innate drive of the human spirit can help us reach balance, happiness, and fulfillment.